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Posted by Ken Olivier on Dec 10, 2023 7:43:21 AM

The Road to Success: How Posture Impacts Athletic Performance and Daily Well-being

Do you ever consider how your posture influences your daily life? While it's widely known that bad posture is detrimental to your health, understanding why is crucial. If you haven't prioritized improving your posture, you might underestimate its significance in achieving success and daily happiness.

Imagine you're an athlete; how would poor posture affect your performance? Drawing an analogy to cars helps illustrate this point. In the world of sports, different activities require specific designs, just like cars designed for distinct purposes. Take, for example, formula racing cars – they are light, aerodynamic, with powerful engines. On the other hand, a farm demands a pickup truck with towing capabilities and off-roading features.

Regardless of their purpose, both vehicles need proper alignment to function optimally. Misalignment leads to stress on parts not designed to bear such loads, ultimately resulting in breakdowns. The human body follows a similar principle. Physical therapists, including Garry Cook and Dunn, devised the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as a tool to identify dysfunction, limitations, and asymmetries in movements. This screen provides valuable insights for building better athletes, preventing injuries, and addressing dysfunctions.

I incorporated the FMS into my training plan, aligning it with my goals and helping others improve their movements. If you're curious about the Functional Movement Screen's significance, check out my next blog titled "Understanding the Significance of Functional Movement Screen." For a closer look at how the FMS can enhance your tennis game. It's time to prioritize your posture on the road to success – your body deserves it

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