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What is The Best Place to Train For Tennis

Posted by Ken Olivier on Feb 24, 2022 11:09:04 AM


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What is The Best Place to Train for Tennis? 

When trying to reach the highest levels of tennis competition you have lots of choices where to train. Many people choose to train on their own with a private coach. Some people play practice matches and learn technique by reading books and watching professional tennis on TV. 

Others train at a private tennis club or local park that offers coaching. Many of the top players choose to train at a designated local tennis academy. It has been our experience that the best players train at local tennis academies that offer a multi-disciplinary approach to learning the game of tennis correctly. 

This article offers 5 reasons why a tennis academy is the best place to train for tennis.

1. Offers multi-disciplinary approach: Most tennis academies offer a multi-disciplinary approach to improving one’s game. They tend to have a staff with more knowledge in areas of biomechanics, physical training, mental toughness, nutrition and skill acquisition. Their knowledge allows them to make appropriate teaching and coaching decisions that make sense for each player. The advanced training knowledge of a tennis academy coaching staff helps integrate all the different categories mentioned above into an integrated program to improve performance. Players tend to like being able to get all their tennis information from one reliable source. This helps them with their confidence levels and time management. 

2. Develops mental toughness: Mental toughness is one of the biggest underrated areas of tennis training. Understanding how to think correctly in practice and competitive matches can be challenging for all level players even the pros! Most tennis academies work with a sports psychologist that implement strategies for players to improve their games. The most important areas of mental toughness are self confidence, restructuring pressure, developing correct perspective and learning how to deal with adversity in competition. 

Other areas that are important to focus on include: motivation, negative energy, positive energy, attitude and visualization. Our tennis academy measures mental toughness using a test developed by Dr. Jim Loehr (world renowned mental toughness coach). We then provide feedback and education based on the data. Mental toughness training in tennis is the most underrated forms of training to improve in tennis.

3. Physical training programs: Tennis is a movement game that requires speed, agility, quickness, endurance, flexibility and other components to be successful. Without physical training it would be impossible to reach the highest levels of the game. Tennis academies utilize training tools and strength and conditioning coaches to maximize tennis performance on the court. 

One of the main goals of tennis academies is to design a program based on the needs of the sport. To be successful in the sport of tennis one needs energy for quick movements in multiple directions (agility). Endurance is also needed mostly for recovery and without flexibility it would be almost impossible to get in position to make the shots necessary to compete effectively. All programs designed by tennis academies take these factors into account to improve player performance. The National Strength & Conditioning Association has a certification called CSCS that top academies recognize as the gold standard when hiring strength and conditioning coaches. 

4. Provide match play with coaching: Tennis academies tend to provide match play situation within their programs with coaching. This means- while tennis player are competing- the coaches can provide them with immediate feedback in order to correct behavior. Also, because of the large numbers of players at academies the competition tends to be better and easier to match up players with competitive partners in order to improve performance. 

5. Traveling coaches: Because tennis academies have multiple coaches on staff they can send coaches to watch their players in tournament play. This way coaches can provide immediate feedback to players before and after their matches. It’s important for coaches to see their players under pressure to learn what they need to work on to improve. Coaches can also report back accurate assessments of performance so new training plans can be developed.

In conclusion: This article offers 5 reasons why tennis academies are the best place for tennis players to improve their tennis games. When choosing a tennis academy one must consider the coaching staff experience, location and cost of the program. These are the main considerations when joining a tennis academy. 

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