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Posted by Ken Olivier on Sep 14, 2023 9:43:19 AM


Styles of play to improve your game...

To excel in tennis, it is crucial to tailor your style of play to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. The ultimate goal is to assert your basic strategy on the court, but it's equally important to gauge your opponent's gameplay and make subtle tactical adjustments to exploit their vulnerabilities.

While your fundamental strategy remains consistent, it's essential to understand that what works against one tennis player may not be as effective against another. Therefore, having some general tactical guidelines for dealing with specific playing styles can be immensely beneficial. Here are a few key principles that can be employed against the four different styles of play:

Countering counterpunchers:

- Prioritize finishing the point, even if it means hitting extra shots.

- Be patient and rely on strategic patterns to create opportunities, avoiding premature attempts at outright winners.

- Seize any chance to attack when it presents itself.

- If you find yourself out of position, focus on hitting a neutralizing shot instead of overhitting, as your opponent is unlikely to capitalize on your vulnerability.

- Use shots that go behind your opponent to counter their speed.

Countering aggressive baseliners:

- Aim to dictate the point right from the start, rather than merely reacting to your opponent's moves. Focus on delivering a quality first shot.

- Occasionally surprise your opponent by hitting wide shots to their strengths and then redirecting the play to exploit their weaknesses.

- Vary the speed and placement of your serves to disrupt your opponent's rhythm. For instance, target their body more frequently.

- Keep the ball away from your opponent's "power zone" by altering the pace of your shots and employing slices when appropriate.

Countering all-court players:

1. Since all-court players typically lack a dominant weapon, take advantage of this opportunity to play patterns that align with your strengths.

2. Be prepared for your opponent to change tactics multiple times, especially if they are losing the match. Make tactical adjustments while staying true to your basic strategy.

3. Strive to control the point right from the beginning, limiting your opponent's ability to execute their game plan.

Countering net rushers:

- Endeavor to get as many first serves back in play as possible.

- Direct your returns at your opponent's feet to disrupt their positioning.

- Employ offensive lobs, especially early in the match, to keep your opponent off the net.

- Focus on making two-shot passes, keeping the ball low on the first hit and then passing it beyond your opponent on the second.

- Emphasize making the passing shot and avoid succumbing to the pressure of rushing into errors.

- Consider coming to the net more frequently than usual to seize control of the net from your opponent.

- Attack and exploit your opponent's second serve.


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