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Three mental tips to playing better tennis! - Spring Woodlands Tennis Academy

Posted by Ken Olivier on Nov 21, 2019 11:46:32 AM

Everybody that plays tennis wants to improve. Tennis is 90% mental so more time needs to be spent on mental toughness. Here are 3 top tips you can use today!

1. Use the time in-between points more wisely. Most of a tennis match is spent between points so how we use that time is paramount. After a point has concluded don't react. Give yourself a couple seconds to relax and then think about what you could have done better (unless you hit a winner). Then visualize yourself making that correction before the next point.

2. Never use negative self talk during the match. If your telling yourself "I'm doing bad" that's not going to help you play better. Instead use positiver self talk to reinforce the behavior you desire.

3. Remember that winning is not in your control! The only things you can control are your attitude, effort and energy. Thats it! The best coaches in the world call these your controlling factors. Improving your attitude, effort and energy are your quickest ways to playing better tennis!