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Three Ways to Improve your tennis game

Posted by Ken Olivier on Aug 22, 2020 10:02:07 AM

Three Ways to Improving your

tennis game

Here are three ways to improve your tennis:

  1. Make adversity your FRIEND! When things aren’t going your way stay calm. In tennis you have to love the battle. Otherwise you will start to fret and worry causing you to play poorly. 
  2. Have a plan when you practice! Most people don’t… accurate and HONEST self reflection about where you need to improve is hard work. Having a good plan when you practice  is paramount to improving your game.
  3. Don't worry about winning and losing! Don’t do this... just try to improve your tennis skills. The BEST players are SO concerned with improvement there focus is rarely on wins and losses. Let the outcomes take care of themselves.

In conclusion, If you make adversity your friend, have a plan and not worry about winning and losing you have a shot of reaching your full potential.